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Cinematic #aerial LUTs by Evgenii Banshchikov

These LUTs cannot be compared to any other LUT pack on the market. With mine LUT stacking method, I will show you how to achieve amazing cinematic tones on your footage easily, no matter what the camera is.

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Aerial filming as a successful business

The book tells about the desire to capture the world from a bird's eye view. The path to beauty in the modern world is open to almost everyone. People just need to skillfully control the buttons on the remote control and know the technical characteristics of their drone.
About me

   My name is Evgenii Banshchikov, videographer and quadcopter pilot.
 Since 2010, I have been more interested in videography. I have collaborated with outstanding operators of the country, gained invaluable work experience, practiced new directions in video shooting. I have created videos for customers in various service sectors. In parallel with the work of the videographer, I began to consider another type of videography - aerial filming.
  Also, in 2014 I was a guest speaker at the international forum of videographers and photographers in Kazakhstan. The purpose of the forum was to unite specialists from a single field of activity for the exchange of experience and professional communication. In addition to Kazakhstan specialists, speakers from other countries were invited, which made it possible to share and learn from the accumulated experience and secrets of personal success in the field of activity.

  I traveled a lot to different countries, shot new places with a quadcopter, created showreels, participated in various competitions and won nominations such as "Best Pilot", "Unforgettable Journey" and "Best Color Correction".
  Each year began and passed with successful work with large companies that are professionals in their field of activity. I have provided clients with a full range of services to create promotional, social, charity and overview videos for various projects. Working in the field of video services, I tried to share my knowledge and experience, so I published my articles on specialized sites of the Union of Videographers of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan Association of Independent FilmMakers, where many video specialists are concentrated.
  I would like to note that my activity was not always associated with commercial videos, it was also associated with large customer events, such as weddings, anniversaries, family celebrations. Due to my extensive shooting experience at these events, I organized a two-day master class on wedding videography. In the master class, I shared the specifics of working with non-professional models, preparing and staging a shot, shooting tasks and other nuances in this direction.

After my victories in video and aerial filming competitions and the publication of useful articles, I became a guest member of the jury in the annual competitions organized by the Kazakhstan Association of Independent FilmMakers, the Central Asian Advertising Association and the Union of Videographers of Kazakhstan.
In the difficult period of coronavirus infection COVID-19 around the world, together with the public association “Republican Cultural Center of the Uyghurs of Kazakhstan”, I created of videos of the #bizbirgemiz social and charitable project. I also take an active part in creating videos for charitable projects of large companies dedicated to orphanages, homes for single mothers and children with down syndrome.
For a long time, using video and aerial filming, I have been creating introductory, reporting and advertising videos for well-known and international brands in various service sectors, from an energy drink company to a car manufacturing company. Also, I create aerial filming of music videos of foreign and local artists. I participate in the filming of series and films that receive awards and reviews at international competitions. And I work with prominent investors, public figures and businessmen.
The team is engaged in the production of documentary, corporate and presentation films, reports and commercials, music videos, as well as aerial photography, photo and video filming of various events.
Excellent technical equipment and creative vision allow us to create a quality product that can compete with many companies.
During the implementation of the project, all agreements are monitored and special attention is paid to color correction.
During the period of work in the field of photo and video services, they have established themselves as professionals in their field, constantly improving their skills.
Facts about us:
  • we shot commercials, music videos, TV series and films;
  • we have been flying since 2015, which is more than 200 flight hours;
  • we filmed about 200 private events;
  • we cooperate with large companies and professionals in their field of activity;
  • we create video, photo and aerial filming of your event at any time of the year.

500+ satisfied customers
I bought the author's course and learned a lot of new things in aerial photography. Interesting presentation of lectures and practice.
Oleg Popov
beginner specialist
I downloaded a free cinematic LUTs by Evgenii Banshchikov for video processing, everything is very simple and affordable, thanks!
Inna Levina
We worked together on a large project, aerial photography at the highest level, a professional in his work
Lola Nekrasova